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Why not try living and working in another country? Whether it's for a gap year, career break or looking to do something different our unique services we can make all the arrangements for you.

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Low Cost Services

All our services are affordable and won't break the bank.                    

Earn Money Back

With our working arrangments you can earn your initial investment back and more.

No Hidden Terms

Any services we provide will be easy to understand with no hidden terms.

Secured Services

When we agree a service we lock everything in place so that you know what you are getting.

What we offer

Exclusive Services For You

Escape to Taiwan

For a little more than it costs to book the flight out there we can arrange a place to stay and part time work speaking to english learners.

Work in the UK

Got a working visa but no job? We can arrange interviews and employment if you are looking to work in the UK

UK School Integration

We can arrange short term placements in local schools in the UK whilst staying with a host family, for either individuals or groups.
Escape to Taiwan

How it works


Length of Stay

Decide how long you want to travel for. Typically a placement would be anything from 2 months to a year but this is flexible.



There will be various forms to fill in, but our agents will be able to assist you.


Booking Confirmation

Once all the paperwork has been rubber stamped your confirmation can be made, including your flight out.


Get to the airport

Don't forget your passport! Once you arrive in Taiwan someone will be there to meet you and take you to where you will be staying.

We Put People First.

We understand how daunting travelling to another country can be, that is why one of our agents will always be available to contact. Due to the time difference there will always be an agent available to contact either in the UK or in the Far East.

Security is also of the upmost importance. We screen host families to ensure the safety of our travellers. Whether travelling individually or in a group, it's our duty to make the traveller feel safe and secure. Also, if there are any special requirements then we will be able to accommodate most scenarios but you should let us know before any agreements are put in place.

So why do we put so much emphasis on our customers? We believe customers are more than just that, we believe our customers are our partners.