Escape to Taiwan

Who's this for?

For groups and individuals 18 - 25 years old

Diverse Choices provides an exciting opportunity for students who are on a gap year or recently graduated students to have the experience to work & learn in a beautiful island – Taiwan located in South East Asia.

It is a fun and educational programme for British students to learn from different perspectives with also an opportunity to explore the country at a minimum cost.

We have a genuine passion for inspiring students and expanding their global perspective through this educational experience abroad. This program is geared to students who wish to experience a fun-filled environment and have a truly memorable life / learning experience.

You will be placed in a school/teaching environment, interacting with local students during teaching hours. There will be a regular monthly allowance and accommodation during this time will be provided.

What's included?


You will be working approximately 25 hours a week in a local high school or teaching establishment in Taiwan Monday to Friday (excluding weekends & national holidays). You will be integrated with local students by joining and interacting with them in group discussions, case studies, school activities, culture sharing and language exchanges.

Food and Accommodation

You will stay in a homestay accommodation providing a private room, 2 meals per day, utilities, internet and occasional excursion. This is a great way to learn about local cultures and get to know the area a lot quicker with the help of a local guide.

Each host family has been interviewed, screened, vetted, and background checked to ensure the highest quality standards. Living with a host family will help you adjust to life in Taiwan.

Flight ticket

A return ticket to Taiwan from UK normally costs between £600 and £1200 depending on the season you travel. Due to the fluctuations in prices we don't book these flights for you but we will arrange your transfer from the airport when you reach your destination.


Each month you will be provided a salary in local currency. This will help to cover the costs of travelling and eating out from your accommodation should you wish to explore the island. If saved you will be able to cover the costs of the initial booking and maybe even the costs of travelling (depending on the initial flight costs).

Available Dates

We have 3 lengths of working arrangments, subject to availablility. These cater for those who are looking to do something different during their summer holidays and those who are looking to take a gap year.

  • 2 Month Summer Placement - Running during the summer break and is great for people looking to do something different between the academic years.
  • 6 Month Placement - Ideal for those who are looking for work during a gap year but unable to commit for a full year.
  • 12 Month Placement - For people looking for a year out before starting full time work or university.

Local Support

We have a dedicated agent in Taiwan who will be your point of contact for any query you may have during your entire stay. We will provide assistance to ensure your learning / working experience in Taiwan is pleasant and memorable.

Our local support service includes:

  • Airport pickup and accommodation
  • School and local city orientation
  • Help with your everyday life in Taiwan
  • Student Work Assistance Program

More Information
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About Taiwan
Taiwan Gap Year Ideas

About Taiwan

Taiwan is an island situated in the West Pacific between China, Japan and the Phillipines. The official title of this island is The Republic of China but it's not to be confused as being governed by China itself, it has its own government and own laws.

The people of Taiwan are mainly made up of around 95% Han Chinese with the remaining being either from its indidenous tribes or from new immigrants. English is taught as a compulsory subject in schools but it can be a little hit and miss trying to speak to someone in English outside of the big cities and tourist destinations. There is, however, a 24 hour multilingual hotline that is available for all travellers. If your trip has been arranged by Diverse Choices you will also be given the contact details of our agents in Taiwan who will also keep tabs with you to ensure your stay is a pleasant one.

Most of Taiwan has a warm climate all year round, which means you can leave your thick winter coat at home although you may want to bring a thin jacket or cardigan, especially when going indoors where the air conditioning is almost indefinitely set on the highest setting. The annual average temperature is around 22 degrees celsius with the lowest temperature dropping to 12 degrees with occasional showers throughout the year.

Taiwan itself is relatively small, only slightly smaller than the Netherlands or half the size of Ireland, but don't let this fool you. There are plenty of things to see or do whether you are a city person or into beaches or hiking. We thoroughly recommend travelling by their excellent rail network. There's english signage in all the ticketing offices and the majority of staff can speak english. What's more, it's relatively cheap compared to UK prices if choosing a slower train. For those in a rush they also have a high speed bullet train that can reach up to 300km/h.